Call for Papers


We regret to announce that we will not be hosting the New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies on the New College campus in 2024. However, we are delighted and grateful that the South Central Renaissance Conference has invited us to arrange a set of panels as part of their conference in Savannah, Georgia, April 4–6, 2024. We recognize and value the scholarly community that our Conference has built up over the last forty-plus years, and hope that this arrangement will provide regular attendees with an opportunity to reconnect even though the Conference is not being held in its usual form.

Those who are interested in attending the SCRC conference in Savannah—which embraces a broad definition of "Renaissance" that includes (e.g.) the 14th century—can submit proposals either directly to SCRC (link here), or for consideration as part of the New-College-Conference-sponsored set of panels. Proposals submitted to us that we cannot accommodate will be automatically forwarded to SCRC for consideration as part of their larger conference. 

For the New-College-Conference-sponsored panels at SCRC:

The NCC program committee invites 250-word abstracts of proposed twenty-minute papers on topics in European and Mediterranean history, literature, art, music and religion from the fourth to the seventeenth centuries. Interdisciplinary work is particularly appropriate to the conference’s traditional focus, and planned sessions are also welcome (but see our guidelines below). Proposals are due by 1 November 2023. Official notifications will come from SCRC in early January.

Send any inquiries to


If you are considering submitting a proposal for a planned session, please be aware of the following: