On Campus

As of March 1st, New College's Vice-President for Administration Chris Kinsley reports:

The current combined number of New College students and employees testing positive for COVID is zero. However, using the new CDC guidance, Sarasota and Manatee County are still at a “High” COVID-19 Community Level, in which the CDC recommends wearing a well-fitting mask when indoors... Also, if you are sick or ill, please do not come to campus until your illness has passed.

We expect all Conference attendees to wear well-fitting masks (of the type acceptable for air travel, no valve masks) correctly at all times when inside any New College facility. If you are not wearing a mask correctly, you may be asked to put yours on or leave the building. Extra masks and hand sanitizer are available at the registration table.

Testing for Travel

Walgreens: Walgreens offers ID NOW (NAAT) tests with less than 24 hours' turnaround. (Be careful what you ask for, since they also offer PCR testing, but with no promises regarding turnaround time.) Walgreens says it's fine to enter a hotel address & ZIP for the online registration; that taxis or Ubers usually don't mind waiting for the test, and if that's not feasible you can also walk up to the drive-thru window (not recommended for safety reasons, but acceptable). As of this writing (Wednesday 3/1, midday), the Walgreens at University Parkway and Lockwood Ridge had plenty of appointments available for the remainder of this week. Make an appointment at

CVS: CVS Pharmacy offers "molecular/lab tests (PCR/NAAT)" with turnaround in less than 48 hours. (That timing is not guaranteed, but we have found it be accurate, usually about 36 hours.) According to the CVS website, the CVS east of New College at 3724 84th Avenue, Circle E (corner of University Parkway and Tuttle Avenue) is a "community test site", and no ID is needed for testing. Make an appointment at

Sarasota Kennel Club (5400 Old Bradenton Road, along University Parkway just south of the airport): Offers free walk-up testing; PCR and antigen (15min) only, with emailed results in both cases suitable for travel. Results should come within 48 hours, but are occasionally inconsistent. It's not necessary, but you can register/make an appointment here.

NOTE: Some of these testing sites are drive-up only (e.g., see note in Walgreen's text). If you cannot arrange any other testing, and you do not have a car, please talk to Carrie or Nova and we will try to arrange a ride for you.


In a pinch, you could also try the following, which offer paid testing:

Always check with your airline or destination country for precise requirements! The information provided here will not work in all cases, and we do not guarantee its accuracy or timing.


If you become symptomatic while in Sarasota, CVS and Walgreens offer affordable at-home antigen tests (BINAX and others). Please do NOT come to the Conference if you are ill or otherwise symptomatic, even if you are wearing a mask.